Every week, we load new songs into our music library for Overcast Radio. Below are five standouts we added this week.

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From Colorado: Chairlift’s “Polymorphing”

Synth-pop gold straddling the mainstream line between Taylor Swift and HAIM.

From Chicago: Cullen Omori’s “Sour Milk”

Cullen is the former frontman of Smith Westerns, on a 180 turn musically with his solo venture. “I had this overwhelming feeling that perhaps the apex of my life both as a musician and as an individual would be relegated to five years in my late teens/early 20s. This fear really forced me to work hard as to not see the Smith Westerns as an end but as a point along a bigger trajectory.”


From St. John’s: Family Video’s “Winter Shadow”

This is the 3rd Family Video album since March of 2014, and there’s a calmer, and even more melancholic vibe on the album, that amplifies the mood and the ache on display in their first two offerings. “Could you be my winter coat when i need someone to hang around me?”


From Philadelphia” Japanese Breakfast’s “Everybody Wants to Love You”

One of Michelle Zauner’s many musical projects, this album, out in April, sprung from a song-a-day project to get her out of a creative rut.


From New York: Porches’ “Car”

Sounds like a lot of modern indie pop filtered through The Smiths …