Every week, we load new songs into our music library for Overcast Radio. Below are five standouts we added this week.

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From Texas: Beyonce’s “Formation”

C’mon, guilty pleasure or favourite new song, this one’s a jam. Shot through with a rally for feminism, an end to police brutality. The texas-bama bit is too good.

From Nashville Via New York: Doug Seegers’ “Going Down to the River”

At 60-something, Doug Seegers is keeping true folk alive. He’s part Hank Williams, and they’re ain’t nothing wrong with that. His story includes time as what many called Nashville’s most talented homeless musician. He played on the streets and became a regular at a charity that holds regular songwriter nights (The Little Pantry That Could).

From Pennsylvania: Dr. Dog’s “Dead Record Player”

They’ve got 10+ albums to their name, but this new one, The Psychedelic Swamp, is their best so far.

From New York: Sunflower Bean’s “Wall Watcher”

One of Brooklyn’s hottest new bands that got big two years ago, at the ripe old age of at 19, with their song named “Tame Impala” after the band.

From Halifax: Wintersleep’s “Sante Fe”

Wintersleep’s new album, The Great Detachment, hits stands March 4th. “Santa Fe has glimmers of old school sound that mixes with new school techniques like vocoding.” – Noisey