Every week, we load new songs into our music library for Overcast Radio. Below are five standouts we added last week.

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From New Jersey: Martin Courtney’s “Northern Highway”

Martin is the last member of the band Real Estate to release solo material, with perhaps Matthew Mondanile’s Ducktails being the most popular spin-off to date. Martin’s album, Many Moons, drops in late October, and is described by its label as “a bright, lush, 10-song collection of soft psychedelia that recalls The Kinks and Big Star as it probes the depths of his own life as a family man, father, and touring musician.” This single speaks to what happens when your image of home is something you’re struggling to remember and hold on to.


From Ontario: Most Serene Republic’s “Ontario Morning”

[mp3player width=600 height=100 config=coast.xml file=https://theovercast.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Most-Serene-Republic-Ontario-Morning.mp3]

It’s been over a decade since Arts & Crafts picked up their debut record, and years since they’ve released anything, but they’re sounding anything but stale on this new album (Mediac; release date Nov.13). Fun fact: they were the first band signed to Arts & Crafts that were in no way related to Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene.

From England: Foals’ “Mountain at My Gates”


Foals are known as one of the best live acts in the UK — they’ve won the 2013 Q Award for Best Live Act and are two-time nominees for the NME Award for Best Live Act. Their new album, What Went Down, dropped recently, and “Mountain at My Gates” premiered on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record.” The band are also in the news these days for joining David Byrne and Thom Yorke in their disdain for Spotify, and streaming music in general. “I’d rather somebody stole the record on vinyl than streamed it on Spotify … I think basically anything’s better than that Spotify. [The royalties are] an insulting pittance, it’s like going to a restaurant when the chef and all the waiting staff have worked their asses off, and you leave coppers as a tip. That’s basically what Spotify’s like, I think.”

From Vancouver: Rykka’s “Movies”

Pop has come a long way in the last few years, with fewer and fewer people able to resist or deny its ultra-produced catchiness. Rykka is a good example — Canadian indie rock icon Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother has produced music for her. She grew up busking in Vancouver, but is mostly based out of Switzerland these days. Though she recorded the new album in Toronto. “Movies” is a tale of escaping one’s throes in the arms of a love affair.


From Alabama: Thunderbitch’s “Wild Child”

[mp3player width=600 height=100 config=coast.xml file=https://theovercast.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Thunderbitch-Wild-Child.mp3]

Frontwoman of The Alabama Shakes surprised everyone this week with her new project, Thunderbitch … and it’s likely going to go down as the rock and friggen roll album of the year. It’s even got a track, “My Baby is My Guitar,” that’s a love song for her one true love. Its opening lines: I was born with everything that I need to love, and exactly two hands to hold it.