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Every month we throw a dozen tracks from bands from away, and half a dozen local tracks, in Heavy Rotation.
This month’s Upalong dozen are the five songs below, plus new songs from Hayden, Moonking, Michael Feuerstack,
Modest Mouse, Florence + the Machine, Hot Chip, and Will Butler.

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“Wasted Genius” by Siskiyou


In 2010, Colin Hubert left The Great Lake Swimmers to form this band, and despite that media-friendly story, Siskiyou have gone relatively unnoticed until now. Their 2015 offering, Nervous, combines originality and accessibility too well not to be one of the cool kid favourites of winter 2015.

“Pedestrian at Best” by Courtney Barnett


Catchy Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett gained much traction internationally with 2 or 3 older EPs, but her forthcoming LP debut hits shelves on March 23rd, and if the mile-a-minute, vocally driven song “Pedestrian at Best” is any indication, her new album is bound to be blared from speakers worldwide.

“Learning to Relax ” by Dan Deacon


For a decade now, Dan Deacon’s been taking Indie-electronica to new heights. Always at the forefront of a sound bigger now than it was back then, it’s no surprise he’s the reigning champ of intoxicating indie dance music.

“Bassem Sabry” by Of Montreal


These catchy-funky-flashy-in-your-face experimental rockers still have the same spunk and untouchably distinct sound that made them what they were from their 1997 start: indie rock pioneers with a great, unpredictable sound.

“Let Me Lose” by Jake Xexes Fussell


Fussell is a fine purveyor of raw and simple acoustic blues filtered through alt-country sensibilities. It’s nothing new, but so bang on it needn’t knock any walls down.

“Rock and Roll is Cold” by Matthew E. White


A new voice packing the charm and swagger of Bahamas, just as Alfie’s newest offering is tapering off. The first few songs off the album have impressively built song structures.