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  1. Still better than another term of Harper. the only thing i really begrudge Young Trudeau for is ditching electoral reform.

  2. Actually, by the sounds of your obviously broke-ass dumb millennial social-justice-or-die antifa-and-communism attitude, you couldn’t be further off the mark. He’s actually worse by a lot than Harper for pretty much every Canadian citizen. Add that 50+ billion dollars in investment has left Canada and nothing is coming to replace it. Trudeau is screwing us all.


  3. Make Trudeau a drama teacher again! Canada elected him on being pretty, and literally got a flip-flopping clown without any coherent direction at all. He hasn’t managed to put through a single pillar of his platform.

  4. Coming home for Christmas on

    Perhaps the original poster has never been the only white person on an inner-city bus in Toronto during the morning commute. Perhaps they have never been the only English-speaking customer inside a packed Tim Hortons. When I wait to cross the street, chances are that I can barely identify the language – let alone understand the conversation – happening beside me. If I am wrong and you have had these experiences somewhere, I apologize… but diversity and muliticulturism are a reality in Canada. I love NL, but it is extremely sheltered from the rest of the country in a lot of ways. Our entire population is the size of a suburb of some Canadian cities… but we already know this, right?

  5. I’ll Show You Diversity on

    Diversity and multiculturalism is a reality in Canada, this is obvious. My point is i wish Trudeau would stop over spending and lay off the diversity rhetoric, we get the point two years in..

  6. Saying Trudeau is better than Harper equals communism now!? What does that make an NDP or Green supporter then?

    Pretty sure ANTIFA doesn’t support the Liberals either by the way. You can look it up.

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