This Christmas, country chanteuse Sherry Ryan, and wild rockers The Texmestics (A blend of two bands: Texas Chainsaw & The Domestics), released a new Christmas carol each, and paired them with exceptional music videos. Sherry’s video got half the town involved, and Heavy Weather managed to capture to wild energy of The Texmestics at The Inn of Olde in Quidi Vidi. Below, they each share a little background on where the songs came from.

Sherry Ryan and Mick Davis’s “I’ll Come First This Christmas”

“Roger Maunder has always encouraged me to make a music video and when I started planning to release a Christmas single the video seemed to be a perfect way to spread the word.  I had no idea it would be so much fun.  I was blown away by the amount of support I received while making it and it’s my favourite music project to date.  Mick Davis rocked it.” – Sherry Ryan

The Texmestics’ “Rock and Roll Christmas Time”

“I actually wrote this song a few years back.  Myself and a few other Chainsaw folks put together a quick Christmas album.  I thought it would be funny to write a song about the Little Drummer Boy throwing a Christmas party and not inviting Jesus.  I wrote it pretty quick bouncing the lyrics off my girlfriend.  She censored out the worst of it.  When it came to the HeavyWeather video, the words got changed again as we wanted to be able to share it with our families.  I believe that Steve Pike gets credit for the new line.” – Adrian Collins