Shaken Up After Cat Calling


“A random man made a lewd comment straight to my face about my boobs last night. I called him out for being gross, but I don’t feel any better about it. I even called out his friend, who defended his comment and said ‘well, it could have gone two ways.’ What is wrong with some people? If you open your mouth to say something rude, say ‘you look nice’ instead.” – Girl on Deck

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  1. Too bad, so sad. Did you expect to find classy men on the deck, of all places? St John’s is a trash heap of rednecks and losers, and the deck is one of the worst places in the city to find that garbage. Go do some blow in the bathroom like the rest of them, princess.

  2. …and the rest of George is a hotbed of chivalry and good manners of course. Apparently you think she got what she deserved for having boobs and being in public?

  3. What kind of comment is that? It sounds like you’re one of those classy men that hangs out on the deck helping to make St. John’s a trash heap of rednecks and losers. Grow up, or maybe I should say mature up.

  4. I already left the province because of those types of people, the 15.9% (and rapidly deteriorating) unemployment rate, the tidal wave of retirees about to bury the healthcare system with heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and smoking related diseases, $0.28 per kw/h Muskrat electricity, totally shitty politicians who only see NLers as a taxable cash cow, and no hope whatsoever of finding a permanent job in my field of study. St John’s is a backwater redneck shit hole. Don’t act so surprised for my calling a spade a spade. NEXT

  5. You must be pretty happy in your situation and where you are, I mean why else would you be so concerned with an anonymous thought/comment that someone decided to share from a fairly small arts paper from a backwater redneck shithole? Go make some money and never come home again, please. NEXT

  6. Why do people call The Overcast “An Arts paper?” Because they sometimes cover an arts story? I don’t understand. There’s 6 clearly defined sections on their website: News ,Food, Retail, etc. 1/6 = arts.

  7. “Less a news site, The Overcast is a cultural magazine looking to tap the vein of what makes the island distinct or worthwhile.”

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