Seamus O’Regan Has Checked into Rehab Seeking an “Alcohol-free Lifestyle”

"1 in 5 people in this province will suffer from a mental health issue or addiction in their lifetime. We should not be shocked or judgmental at this time, just supportive and understanding."

During the last federal election, MP Seamus O’Regan unseated MP Ryan Cleary for the riding of St. John’s South – Mt. Pearl. On Sunday January 3rd, O’Regan announced he has sought treatment at a rehab.

“I’ve decided after consultation with family that I can be most effective as a Member of Parliament by adopting an alcohol free lifestyle,” O’Regan tweeted. “To that end, over the holiday break, I have entered a wellness program. I will return to my duties as the Member of Parliament for St. John’s South – Mount Pearl prior to Parliament resuming in January.”

His 4th of 4 Tweets on the matter said, “I will have more to say on this subject later. In the meantime, my family I ask for privacy. Thank you.”

With so many citizens of NL crying out about the state of mental health and addictions in the province, O’Regan’s openness — albeit, if only to get ahead of the story — is warmly welcomed. 1 in 5 people in this province will suffer from a mental health issue or addiction in their lifetime.Surely, you or someone you know has or does.

We should not be surprised or scrutinizing the man at this time, just supportive and understanding. And here’s to hoping such transparency from a local MP can only eventually help the plight of our mental health and addictions assistance and services in NL.

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  • This is a beautiful example, of what we need more of, from our politicians!!! … real, honest to goodness, principle based, leadership… combined with true (actions and humility based) transparency. Politicians the world over can take a lesson from this gentleman…. and yes, that means you local politicians too!

    I’ve never had the privilege of meeting Mr. O’Regan. I now look forward to that some day with open arms and an open heart. God bless you Man!!

    Having witnessed about five decades of, (and been perpetually victimized by many years of), underhanded and unscrupulous government actions, and in-actions by various political “regimes”… It’s hard to put into words just how refreshing this transparent and responsible public action is.

    Sure, it’s smart politics, As Chad pointed out, “to get ahead of the story”, but it’s smart for the right reasons. It’s smart because it illustrates a commitment to the people who hired him, and that includes everyone from Justin Trudeau on down to the you and me average citizen, whether we voted for him, or his “team colour”, or not.

    Mr. O’Regan’s openness demonstrates an honesty and a level of accountability in the face of potential adversity for both he and his family.

    I’d MUCH rather see a government representative demonstrate the serious problem of alcoholism in our society, (and his personal use of one of the solutions) , then I would see any government employee host a wine tasting event to further the sales & marketing of booze to our families, (and yes, wine counts!).

    In my opinion, Dennis O’Keefe, (a man whom I respect), could take a lesson here too… as it saddened me to witness his portrayal of NL on this years 22 Minutes hoilday special, wherein he made reference to Santa leaving George Street “half in the bag”.

    To compound that twit-like remark (albeit for comedic purposes), it came just after slashing the arts budget (for virtually starving artists) in St. John’s … WHILE on the same show… the Halifax Mayor was bragging that the 22 Minutes show (starring almost exclusively comedians from NL), was produced in Halifax.

    Mr. O’Keefe, if you haven’t already… think about this, why do you think that is? … not that you’re to blame (entirely) but maybe “ya oughta” fund a committee to procure and establish more funding from the province, and from your own coffers…. not simply throw the talents under the snow plough!

    Here’s a credo for ALL politicians, in the age of the internet …. make your great-grandchildren proud, cuz all the “spin” will be over for them, and they WILL read the truth about you.

    God (goodness) Bless, and Happy New Year to all.
    Peter Austin

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