For lovers of cosplay and the science fiction/fantasy genre in Newfoundland, Sci Fi on the Rock is already pretty much Woodstock. If you haven’t checked it out, you’ll be amazed by how big it’s gotten in 11 years, and by the sheer spectacle of large groups of cosplayers done to the nines. I’m not going to pretend to know who most of the characters they are representing are, but they look amazing.

Workshops, panel discussions, celebrity guests and the infectious enthusiasm of a community in their element were delivered in full.

What I had not been prepared for was the awesomeness of the vendors stands. Sci Fi on the Rock is the best place in town to do your Christmas shopping these days.

The vendor space is composed of a mixture of vendors that specialize in niche market products, and craftspeople you might see at the farmers market, but with a focus on specialty products for sci- fi fans. The range of products was spectacular. Colourful wigs and corsets, rare video games, Magic cards, and so much stunning local art offered up alongside some really amazing make-up and grooming treats.

My personal fave was the Darth Vader bath bombs St. John’s Soap Works makes just for the convention. Velvet Snow jewelry had a stand fit for any fairy princess.

There’s books written by local authors, stacks of toys and figurines, mugs, stickers….you name it. It’s a room full of tables laden with really cool, often one of a kind stuff you won’t find anywhere else in town. This year;s Sci Fi on the Rock is over now, but I would suggest next year it is worth an afternoon’s admission just to shop the stands and see the costumes. Who knows, it could be the beginning of a new interest.