“Scared of saying how I feel. Scared of speaking to them at all. Scared that being silent looks creepy. Scared of being awkward. Scared of trying too hard. Scared of being wrong about any mutual attraction I perceive, of it being a delusion. Scared of misjudging the situation in general. Scared that they’re actually oblivious to me. Scared that I’m stressing them out. Scared of them losing patience waiting for me to make a move. Scared of speaking up too late and missing an opportunity. Scared of accidentally saying something offensive. Scared of obsession. Scared of gossip. Scared of being manipulated. Scared of being judged inadequate and mediocre. Scared of being rejected. Scared of humiliation. Scared of being alone. Scared that I will never overcome. Scared that none of this will matter.” – Scared

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  1. Just stare at the sidewalk as you walk and avoid eye contact, and drink a dozen or so every night. That’s how I get by.

  2. Holden Cauliflower on

    I’ve realized many people have way more confidence than they should have. They are often liberal trendy clones who spew garbage on social media and get an ego boost with each “like”.
    There is nothing to be afraid of once you realize how so many people are boring narcissists; you will see once you talk to a few of them. It’s really liberating to figure this out.

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