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The Sauce – Liz Solo, Colleen Power, and Mike Kean – have just finished their first recording: a seven-song, self-titled EP you can check out on Bandcamp. The band plans to create videos for many of these new songs, and are premiering their first video “Dumb Piece of Meat” here on The Overcast.

About the Song


“Dumb Piece of Meat” was the first co-write by Liz and myself. We started jamming as a duo last Winter and I just had the bass riff and two lines: “Dumb piece of meat” and “You are what you eat”. I didn’t know what to do with the rest, so Liz took that and ran with it. I am glad she did, though, because I felt it could have gone down a very dark path. I was really happy with the outcome. I rarely co-write. Usually, we bring songs to the band and this was definitely the case in Livegirlz, our band from fifteen years ago. But The Sauce is different. We have chipped in on each other’s songs and plan to do more co-writing, which I am loving. And the harmonies rock.”


“Mike and I have been co-writing for years (with Lizband, Black Bags et al) and our process has always involved a lot of jamming. It has been so good to work with Colleen in the jamming/co-writing context. We all have a similar sense of humor, it’s great energy and we are having a blast.”

About the Recording

The EP was recorded over a weekend in July with long time friend, fellow musician, and recording engineer Ritche Perez.


“It is a total pleasure working with Ritche. He is superb at what he does, and so kind and easy going. We wanted to make a quick, representative recording that we could turn right around and release almost immediately and that’s what we got. There is something about the immediacy and rawness of the process (and the result) that is very satisfying.”


“This is the first project in the last seven years that I haven’t recorded myself, and after working with Ritche, I don’t know if I want to go back!”

About the Video


“The Sauce are about having fun. Having fun and making fun. So if it feels good or makes us laugh then we head in that direction. It’s like going back to basics. The video started off with the idea that we go out and shoot a whole bunch of meat. Simple. Hilarious. Then I started looking on YouTube and found some pretty crazy material – and I couldn’t resist.

“The video is culled together out of YouTube videos – archival factory footage, stock footage and quick clips of people working with meat – People do strange things with meat – beer can chickens, Turduckens, one man has a 45 minute stock video where he fries six pounds of bacon as part of a relaxing sounds series.”


The video is poking a bit of fun at the humans, and the strange, sometimes frightening things they do up on top of their food chain.”

The next video will be an animated piece for the song “The Abduction of Great Big Sea and Shanneyganock.” Stay tuned.

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