Is it hilarious to watch strangers hypnotized on stage, or is it amazing? Why chose, when the bill itself calls this show “The funniest and most amazing stage show!”

This one night only show will pluck people from the audience, take control of their minds, and provide what they call the “wildest & funniest show of its kind … it’s a clean and scientific demonstration of the marvels of the human mind, where ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

Since 1955 the Reveen Show has been seen Live On Stage by more than 7 million people all over the world, amazing it one of Canada’s most popular pieces of theatre ever. While known to most as the man who “made hypnosis ‘hip’ around the world, his son Ty just called him Dad.

Now that Ty has taken up where his father left off, word on the street is the show has gone from an A to A+ experience, and “The Superconscious Experience is the highest grossing Reveen show ever.

“My father told me at the age of five that I would one day take over his show,” Ty says. “I toured with him for more than 30 years; I performed with him for about 3000 shows, and was involved with him professionally in all facets of his career since the mid 1970s.”

It’s been selling out on its tour, so act quick for tickets. They’re $40, or $35 if you’re a student or senior.

February 17th, 8pm, at The Arts & Culture Centre