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“I work at Mr. Sub, and when people ask for mustard on their sandwich, I write, ‘Who Cut the?’ on their meat with the mustard. Get it? Who cut the mustard? Once, with mayo, I wrote, ‘May-o Dreams Come True.’ If you do it fast enough, and kind of non-legibly, no one notices.” – Punzy

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  • Well, she, presumably she, said Mr. Sub. Good luck seeing what they’re doing down there at Ropewalk, but you can at the Atlantic Place one (it’s like Subway), so I think we have her narrowed down! Ropewalk Lane Mr. Sub!

  • I call bullshit on this one. Anytime I’ve been to subway people watch their sandwiches being made like a hawk – as if you could write that in mustard with no-one noticing. LIAR

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