St. John’s based brand, The Shop, SALT has launched a collaborative spring fashion line called SALTXMIKEGOUGH. The line features a series of commissioned, exclusive works by award-winning local artist Mike Gough. You can browse the line online:

Each item is available in limited quantity, and certain items sold out within a week of the line’s launch. The company’s name, SALT, is a shout out to the saying, “Salt of the Earth,” and the brand “strives to celebrate those who represent the sentiment, following their passions, staying true to themselves, and living their life to the fullest.”

Gough says he drew on this philosophy in creating the images for the fashion line. “[I] created a collection of images that represent the impressions our environments make on who we are,” he says.


Emily Evans and Lauren Saunders, Co-Directors of The Shop, SALT, felt Gough’s work embodied the vision of their brand. “Having Mike Gough’s artwork on our clothing was our first true aspiration as a brand,” says Evans. “We imagined how incredible it would be to give people an opportunity to experience his work in a different way, seeing it come to life through fashion.”

Saunders agrees, adding that “both of us feel it’s been the most fulfilling project that the brand has taken on so far.”

For Mike Gough, the project has been as equally exciting. “Their visions are inspiring and their passion is contagious. Working together, I saw the care and consideration they put into their brand, and I deeply appreciate the respect and admiration they have for other artists and the arts community.”