Ruth Lawrence

As always, there were pretty amazing works that traveled here, but for this short list, I’m choosing works that were created here. I see a lot of great work, so picking one piece of dance, theatre, and film is very hard. All of my picks, I enjoyed more than once, so that was part of my criteria. If you saw these the first time around, well done. If you get a chance to see them again, it’s a rare opportunity. Be sure to take it.

Moore-Gallant: A Docudance by Louise Moyes

This piece, presented by Moyes at the LSPU Hall in early March 2013, combined two of my favorite artists. Exquisite choreography and interpretation by Moyes in adapting the fantastic Lisa Moore short story, “All Zoos Everywhere,” using her unique documentary/dance approach combined for a captivating, funny, and very memorable performance.

Under Wraps by Robert Chafe.

May 2013 saw the remount of Chafe’s first major play. Artistic Fraud, under the direction of Jillian Keiley, now the Artistic Director at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, presented the show with many new performers and gained more fans for their intelligent, witty and sharply timed shows. I’m all in favour of the trend to bring back great shows from the NL theatre canon. Having forgotten more than I remembered of this show, it was a sublime pleasure to experience it again. The next time there’s a remount playing, be assured that the show is great and get your ticket early.

Seconds by Jordan Canning.

Though it was shot in 2012, this is a top tier short that won a handful of awards in 2013 including the NSI’s Fearless Female Director AND it recently played here again at NIFCO during Telefilm’s The Shortest Day Film Celebration on Dec 21. At five minutes, I encourage you to watch it now:

Ruth is an actress, writer, producer, filmmaker, and theatre company founder. Her work has taken her to Ireland, France, across Canada, and to most towns and coves in Newfoundland and Labrador. She has won the NLAC’s Artist of the Year, the RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award, the Linda Joy Award, and the Atlantic Film Festival’s Joan Orenstein Best Actress Award, and the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.