Run Sheilagh Run for Mayor of St. John’s, Please!

“We need an energetic, passionate, committed, classy Mayor for St. John’s; we need Sheilagh O’Leary as Mayor for 2017-2021…Don’t you agree? Yes, well let’s enlist Sheilagh as the best mayoral candidate in the coming municipal election!

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See Fb Group – Run Sheilagh Run for MAYOR of St. John’s” – Geoff Chaulk

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  • Sheilagh is fantastic and I think Deputy Mayor will be the best position from which to act – I would not want her to get lost in the quagmire that is the mayoral race. We are lucky in St. John’s that mayors do not enjoy all the power they do in some jurisdictions. Andy, Danny, Renee, or Doc will only be able to do what a majority of councillors allow them. Focus on electing as many excellent candidates as we can!

  • Sorry…Sheilagh just wrote to me and said she is set on the Deputy position for now. Sheilagh for Mayor in 2021?

  • God fucking no way. I hope she’s shut out completely. Arts arts arts feminism better protect a 150 year old trash heap. I’ve seen better platforms written on bathroom walls

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