Sandman Signature Hotels is building a hotel on Kenmount, and speculation has been abound as to what chain restaurant will be in it. Council has officially approved a restaurant going in there, and that restaurant is definitively Moxie’s.

Moxie’s is a chain whose “restaurants and menus are inspired by the communities we are part of … an expression of the neighbourhoods we inhabit across this country.” Directly from their website, Moxie’s claims to “focus on quality food made with fresh ingredients served in a stylish, comfortable, and casual environment.”

The menu is described as seasonal. Executive Chef Brandon Thordarson is drawn to “extraordinary takes on classic dishes,” and there’s everything on the menu from steaks, burgers, wings and pizza, to sushi cones (aka temaki)***, vindaloo, and enchiladas.

They’re also well known for serving Double Gin & Tonic specials on Fridays, and for the twist they put on the classic cocktail (they muddle in some kaffir lime leaves, and add in lime slush).

Moxie’s also have their own craft beer, called Big Life. It’s made for them by Big Rock Brewery in Alberta, and has an average rating of 3.27 out of 5 on Beer Advocate. It would appear there are two options: a Euro-style lager, and an amber ale.

*** From Moxie’s blog: “Sushi Cones are a much more casual way of enjoying sushi. Rolled on a diagonal, it includes all the balance we expect from Asian cuisine. Vinegared rice, topped with creamy avocado, crunchy prawn, and spicy sriracha mayo. Rolled in a soy wrapper, a sushi cone is eaten by hand, making it a fun and relaxing way to enjoy sushi.