Rotted over things that can’t rot.

“Why the lack of glass recycling, St. John’s? I can’t be the only one who finds it emotionally jarring to throw out a jar. What a pane! It seems crystal clear to me that this needs to change. I’ve been bottling up my emotions for long enough now, but it’s time to open the window and share this with the world! Even a jar of pickles becomes a debate: “What do I value more? Green garlicky gifts from the gods or the environment?” Other world-glass cities can do it! Why can’t we?” -Clearly Disappointed

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  • We don’t recycle glass in Newfoundland because Newfoundlanders don’t make anything to recycle it into.
    It would have to be shipped to the mainland.

    Why do you think most of Canada’s manufacturing happens in Ontario and Quebec?

    Glass turns back to the sand it was made from when you crush it.
    It’s not an environmental disaster despite what you’ve been led to believe.

    Open a bottle factory and reap the rewards, or bankrupt yourself trying to find a market for empty bottles at the very last stop in the supply chain.

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