“To whom it may concern, a Rooms Rant: It’s clear now, from looking at the changes in past year to The Rooms web site, that the govt. is not & will not in future support active working vis. artists here in our province. The only way I could find info. on artists who’s works are in the Rooms collections is to dig deep into Google where I discovered names of, & bits of info on NL vis. artist’s whose. works are in the collections. Challenge: Try finding “The Nfld. and Lab. Art Gallery” on The new Rooms site. Good luck to you. I can’t find it! The Rooms has morphed into the easily- digestible Museum of Nfld & Lab. nostalgia, promoting & showing only the cliché, tourist view of us. The reworking of The Rooms is a “Newfie Joke” &, as such, serves only our local politicians who fear telling the tale of what Nfld. has truly become. They fear the visions of contemporary visual artists. They fear the “reality” checks of any unique, singular visions that may cast shadows on their aspirations, and thus shrink the $ support from local power brokers who share similar 19th Cent. visions of the quaint & friendly “Newfy”. An “ART” gallery is a living, breathing promoter of contemporary reality, NOT A “NEWFY” museum of nostalgia for a past that never was. And why doesn’t the new Rooms Museum web site have links to our artist’s web sites? i.e. artists whose works are in your collections and/or who have had their work exhibited in the Rooms? From a concerned, getting too old and with little energy left for the above rant, vis. artist, Jim Hansen tiltgallery.ca.” – Jim Hansen