Each year, the ECMA’s Music in Motion program pairs filmmakers and music makers to create music videos. This year, one such pairing was Amelia Curran and Roger Maunder, neither of whom need introduction. Their creation stars locals actors Lynda Boyd (who nailed her role in the local film, We Were Wolves) and Steve Lush (also great in his role in the local film, Cast No Shadow).

Curran and Maunder are no stranger to collaborations, most recently they worked together on videos to help raise awareness on how poorly our system supports people suffering from mental illness. It’s a theme they kept going with this video. “We’ve been working on a few Mental Health projects this past year such as the thisvideo.ca and the newly released itsmental.ca campaign that we thought we should stay with the same theme with this video. With Steve Lush and Lynda Boyd on board, who are also big supporters of mental health, it just seemed like the perfect fit.” The duo are also shooting a “cross country documentary with Paul Pope of Pope productions” this fall. Details to follow in future Overcast posts.

Like most everyone, Maunder is a fan of both Curran’s music and her recent mental health activism. “I’m a huge fan of Amelia. I believe she’s the best songwriter we have. The way she crafts her songs the way she does. She an instinctual way of telling a story that unique and engaging.  They mean something. They connect with so many. I would also consider her a close friend.”