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 Rock Paper Flowers: Independent design and decor for the Pinterest set

Patsy Power —an Ontario transplant and nurse by trade —is hoping to bring some beauty to the west end of downtown.

Rock Paper Flowers is just one of the new-ish boutiques popping up on Water Street’s west end. Biped Sports (the city’s only independent running store) opened earlier this year and Found (Newfoundland’s only women’s consignment boutique) is in its second year of operation.

The space is currently stocked with giftware, cards, plants, and fresh hand-tied bouquets. Power is also preparing glass terrariums —little ecosystems, stocked with succulent plants and smooth stones — for sale.

The space itself offers a few reminders of the old shops that used to occupy this end of the street —the original ceiling is a leftover from its days as a butcher shop.

Rock Paper Flowers is located at 602 Water Street, and can be found on Facebook at