This Conditioner isn’t silky smooth, but why the f**ck are you washing your hair anyway? Stop that, heathen.

St. John’s music is, by default, a scene full of collaborations and friendships. Bands pop up out of nowhere, stocked with members taken from every other corner. It’s not so much a family tree as a tangly shrub where lineage is ill-defined and disordered.

But that’s ok, because that means we get a loot bag of candy and toys every year. And some of those are disgusting licorice, some are cheap sugar filled lollipops, and some, like CONDITIONER, are the perfect new treat that tastes familiar, but doesn’t last nearly long enough.

It has tinges of Husker Du, Jawbreaker, Rites of Spring, and the earliest Against Me records. Traded vocals, jangly guitar lines beneath a bathtub full of gain. Intense and swift, we’re treated to a bevy of punk motifs in six songs. With multiple creative inputs, there’s actually a nice bit of variety peppered throughout. But it’s coherent – a bunch of talented pals paying homage to some of the best underground bands of yesteryear. “Alright,” the opener, practically lives on the pages of the St. John’s punk sound.

It’s only 10 deadly minutes of music and that’s my dilemma – I just want more. I can respect those EPs that come and go in an angry daze, but my favourite punk albums of all time just had a million short songs on them. This is a sound that has legs beyond a 10-minute EP, so give me more and I’ll be more than content. I’d say I’ll spin this EP six times while I type out this article.

Hell, it’ll probably take you longer to read this article. Six songs that you can listen to on a smoke break or make a sandwich or get a shower. Just leave the CONDITIONER in and rinse it out 10 minutes later.