Every year, for over 30 years now, locals look forward to Rising Tide Theatre’s annual “Revue”: A comical skewering of the year’s biggest hooplahs and blunders. And 2016, more than most years, has left us all needing a good laugh. Tickets are now on sale.

“At Rising Tide we’ve started to dissect the year for REVUE 2016. We’re turning this sow’s ear into a silk purse,” reads a press release. “Cathy Bennett found new ways to get blood from a turnip. Her latest idea – a fresh air fee. Heavy breathers are a menace to society so Bennett is proposing a FRESH AIR FEE.”

No one’s safe from their sarcasm. “Dale Kirby spent millions on all day kindergarten and saved thousands by closing Libraries. Unfortunately teachers will have to introduce their prepubescent preschoolers to books because most will never have seen one.  ‘Kids don’t need books’ the minister said, ‘Let them read television.’”

Meanwhile schools around the province are closing due to budget restraints. “Milton Peach, school board trustee says why close schools?  Why don’t we just close communities? Then we won’t have to deal with bussing either.”

Revue opens in St. John’s in January, and will tour the island until March. All shows begin at 8:00 pm. Tickets for Arts & Culture Centre shows can now be purchased online at www.artsandculturecentre.com or at the respective box office for all venues.