Really guys? You couldn’t pick a winner?

“Pertaining to the Albedo Grant: If you aren’t qualified enough to pick a winner yourself (instead choosing to rely on public opinion), maybe you shouldn’t be giving away so much money in the first place? Seriously, you already posted an article asking for submissions in both the June and July issues (think we wouldn’t notice?). A winner was supposed to be picked in July. Now it’s September? I don’t understand. Please explain.” – Dazed and Confused

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  • I’m not sure you understand how the grant works. The deadline was July 15th, there was a record number of submissions, so they jury who will pick the winner needed more time than normal. It was not a matter of anyone being qualified to judge applications (not sure how you jumped to that conclusion?) Also, the sponsors of the grant are the jury: not the paper, not the public, and that is clearly explained on the Albedo Grant webpage, and in the current cover story (not sure where the confusion is coming from, perhaps you haven’t read the article?). The winner will still be paid August, as was always the plan, so no harm done? The announcement is the only thing delayed until September, and again, public opinion will have no bearing on who wins, August’s cover story simply shares some top contenders, as an interesting read, and to build anticipation of who’ll win, and get people talking about some neat endeavours. No harm is done in the eyes of applicants, and few people complain about a grant that gives someone over 10K. Conspiracy over? If you have additional questions, you can reach me at, as opposed to a defunct portion of the website. Also, if you’re up for it, I have long been fascinated by the motivations of a troll (a bully who posts angry and misguided claims publicly, instead of calmly seeking information privately via email, before jumping to conclusions and being so hateful), so if you’re up for it, I’d love to chat with you and write an article on what motivates trolls to act in this manner, as opposed to calmly asking questions with civility in an email. I’m not being sarcastic, but sincere: it would be a good read, and we can keep it anonymous. Hope to hear from you!

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