For a lot of Newfoundlanders, the names Matt Wells & Michael Rowe ring a musical bell — they played in Bucket Truck together back in the day. Since then, they’ve each pursued rewarding careers in film and television. Many will recognize Matt Wells from his time with Much Music, or Rowe for his recent international success with the film, Vehicular Romanticide.

Wells is a Gemini-nominated music/film journalist and TV host for Much Music, Bravo and MTV Canada, for whom he’s interviewed the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Lou Reed, and Ben Kingsley. As an actor, Matt has appeared on international screens in Rogue, Beauty and the Beast, Bitten and the upcoming bravoFACT supported short film Poison in the Water, which he wrote and starred in with his daughter, Sofia.

Michael may be best known for his acclaimed portrayal of Deadshot on the hit TV series Arrow which has seen him tour the world to meet legions of growing fans at TV and comic book conventions. His most recent project with Valiant Comics is set to be announced at the New York City Comic-Con in October.

The duo are no strangers to TV and Film projects, and are in headlines this week for starring in and producing Crown and Anchor, which will be both set in and shot in St. John’s.

And they’re looking for cast! With the help of Straight Kill Films, Rowe and Wells want to give aspiring and professional actors in Newfoundland the chance to audition for the film through an online casting call, effective immediately, with a deadline of September 21st.

“Both Michael and I know how difficult it is to pursue a career in the arts,” says Wells. “We live in a time where you need credits-on-your-resume to get credits-on-your-resume, and talent is often overlooked if you don’t have enough Twitter followers. We know how important that first opportunity is, and want to try and help hard working people looking for their start.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have navigated our way through the international music, film, and TV business for the past 20 years. We owe much of our success to our start as musicians from St. John’s and to the support and inspiration we found here.

Michael and I have been working toward a project of this nature for a long time and we are excited to bring this film to our home province. We hope that in some small way we can help lend some support to the community that has always supported us.”

Actors with any level of experience, both male and female, and between the ages of 18-75, are invited to visit the Straight Kill Films Twitter page (@StaightKillInc) where monologue and submission details can be found. For those not on Twitter, simply email and request the information.

Cameras are set to roll mid-October. Crown and Anchor is a feature length film set in St. John’s, about two cousins who emerge from the same family of hard cases to become two very different men, reunited later in life. It will star Sofia Wells — a child actress who has performed in serious Hollywood films beside names like Nicholas Cage, Mia Wasikowska, and Christopher Plummer, in films directed by the likes of Atom Egoyan and  Guillermo del Toro.