“Rape jokes are everywhere. But who are the people telling them? Are they ever OK, let alone funny? What if the people telling rape jokes were survivors? Rape is Real and Everywhere is what happens when comedians who have survived rape share their experience and joke it out. Prepare yourself for hilarity, cathartic honesty, and old-fashioned vulnerability.”

Produced and performed by Heather Jordan Ross and Emma Cooper, this nationally touring event will feature some of Vancouver’s best comedians, who happen to be rape survivors.

Stand-up comedians Heather and Emma met while working at an art store on Main Street in Vancouver in 2015. Over a post-work beer, Heather voiced her frustrations with the process of reporting her rapist to the police. As the conversation unfolded, the idea of a comedy show that talked about rape was born.

“We realized that we already knew so many comedians who had confided to us or had publicly talked about their experience on comedy shows like The Tragedy Show. We had an idea, we had potential collaborators, We needed a name and a home. Heather had seen a piece of graffiti that, in girly cursive read: Rape is Real & Everywhere. Done.

“Our dream venue would be small and intimate, but also a place that supported artists who wanted to explore the uncomfortable or unusual. We contacted comedians. Some said no. Respect. Enough said yes. We had a show.”

A controversial one, in the eyes of some, but as they say, they’re just trying to bring something new to the conversation, put a face to the stories, and make rape something we talk about more openly.Tickets are $15. Get them at http://www.rapeisreal.com/shows

Rape is Real and Everywhere will take place June 2nd, 8-10pm (doors 7:30), at Spirit of Newfoundland, 6 Cathedral Street.