Ragspin is a brand new app being hailed as the “Tinder for clothes.” It is easy-to-use and gives smartphone users the ability to post their clothing for sale or trade in less than 60 seconds. 

Ragspin has selected St. John’s as one of the first cities in the world to launch the service. Arif Qureshi, a Toronto-based artist and the founder of Ragspin says, “Fashion is art, it’s about expressing who you really are. It’s creativity. It made sense for us to start in St. John’s. People here are not afraid to express their individuality. Blending vintage with new, punk with hip-hop, or rock with disco wouldn’t be considered a far out idea in St. John’s. The community is rich with culture and people seem to get it.”

Ragspin’s philosophy is based on facilitating the flow of items through your closet and back into the community. It gives users a way to constantly refresh their wardrobes with new looks. The cost of new items can be offset by selling items that are no longer being used. For those interested in bartering, Ragspin offers an option to trade clothing for goods or services. For example: users can agree to swap dresses for books and vintage denim for help moving a couch.

You can spin your clothes to get new outfits for every single event or party. If I want a new dress for the weekend, I don’t have to worry about how much it’s going to cost because I know I can post it on Ragspin and get most of my money back.

People are becoming conscious of what they consume. Part of this is being aware of the impact of the clothing many of us have stored in our living spaces. Ragspin provides a simple way to declutter your closet and increase cashflow. “It takes 1800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for a single pair of jeans”, says Lindsey Furlonger of Ragspin. “Why not sell your jeans to someone in the community who will wear them instead of letting them collect dust in your closet? It’s an easy way to recycle and a win-win for all. Let go of what you’re not using and edit your closet down to the things you love. Managing a closet full of clothing that you don’t wear is an absolute waste of time and space.”

Ragspin facilitates in-person meetups, creating new connections within the community. Clothing swaps are no longer a hassle and don’t require a dedicated event.

Ragspin is also collaborating with local stores and fashion designers such as Model Citizens and Barry Buckle, to connect fashion based business with the community. Ragspin also assists local craftspeople in reaching the community and building their networks. If you think Ragspin can help your fashion business or can help declutter your closet, find  them on Facebook at Ragspin Newfoundland.