Have you always wondered what it’d be like for your neighbourhood to have a [blank]? Test it out!

Emily Campbell, an intern in architecture at local firm Fougere Menchenton Architecture, is spearheading an ambitious project called the Wandering Pavilion. The Wandering Pavillion is a temporary structure that wanders around St. John’s changing function as it moves. It could be a wifi hub one day, and a vegetable stand the next.

In the fall of 2015, the Wandering Pavilion held six public consultation sessions and came up with over sixty ideas for how to put their creation to work in your neighbourhoods. Some things kept re-emerging more than others as things that St. John’s needed … which the Wandering Pavilion could be.

“Each one of these functions could take a different form or end up in a different place, and we need you to tell us which ones we should make a reality.”


“On our website wanderingpavilion.com you’ll see a number of different configurations. We want you to pick ones you like, tell us where you would put them, and other specifics about how you’d recommend using them.”

In other words, go to the website, look at the various ways the pavilion could be oriented, and describe how YOU would use the pavilion, under each sample illustration. Below are some random examples of suggestions.


“We will choose the six ideas and locations that are the most popular. Those ideas will be published on the cover of the March issue of The Overcast and we’ll do our very best to make them a reality. For example, you say your neighbourhood needs some outdoor films in the summertime. You got it! We are giving away three sets of these blocks that we used to brainstorm to people who weigh in on our website.

Please remember that the team wants to know very specifically where the pop-up pavilion would go. Head over to wanderingpavilion.com and weigh in on what you would do with it. Or use hashtag #wandernl to bring our attention to an idea on social media.