Quick, Get Lookin’! Our 3rd Annual Lawnya Vawnya Hidden Pass Hunt is On

Check back, as we reveal another clue every hour on the hour.

Don’t Dilly Dally! Hit the streets like a Wolf Parade on the hunt!

The folks behind Lawnya Vanwya have hidden a pair of passes to this week’s Lanwya Vawnya VII Festival somewhere outside and in town; Passes are $80 a pop, but these 2 are free for the first Sherlock to find them. Check back here as we reveal another clue every hour on the hour.

When you find the passes, please comment below so people know not to keep fruitlessly foraging for them … and to publicly declare your brilliance and join the ranks of previous winners, Katie Predham and Mark Colbourne.

CLUE 1.)
Take the Upper past the Outer
by the sea beneath the tower.

CLUE 2.)
Hikers rest here when they’re tired
years ago here shots were fired

CLUE 3.)


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