dards press2

You’re in for a rad, trad treat tonight. The Dardanelles are heading off on a UK tour, and to break in Daniel Payne as a replacement for fiddler Emilia Bartellas, they’re having a pop-up show at Erin’s Pub. Bartellas can’t attend because she and Tom Power can’t stop fighting (just kidding, she’s in med school and has to sit this one out). “We’re sad to say our lovely fiddler Emilia will not be joining us on our UK tour since she’s learning to save lives, listen to heartbeats, and check reflexes in med school,” the band says, “We were optimistic when we booked it that she’d be able to make it – but alas she has to stay home at her noble work.” Noble lass she is, she reached out Daniel Payne to take her place. Swing by Erin’s 11 tonight and watch the band get Daniel all warmed up. Must be nice, The Overcast said to CBC’s Tom Power, to have a job that let’s you tour when even your doctor fiddler can’t? “CBC hires musicians for these shows, so they know we’re going to want to be … well, musicians. It’s great that they give us that space.”