Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

When Stars last visited St. John’s in 2008, an extra show was added to meet the demand of excited fans. Now, seven years later, the band are returning to the city in support of their latest record No One is Lost, and this time around, not one, but two additional shows were added.


Released just over a year ago, No One is Lost deserves those extra performances.  The record garnered plenty of press after its release for having been recorded above a dance bar in Montreal, resulting in what some considered to be a more electronic, dance inspired album than previous Stars releases, but drummer Patty McGee disagrees with that assessment.

“There are two ‘dancey’ songs on No One is Lost: ‘From the Night’ and ‘No One is Lost,'” he says. “The rest is rock and pop and country and blue-eyed soul and weird ballady stuff … all typical Stars.

“All our records have had elements of dance, and rock, and pop, and folk, and soul, and trip hop, and punk, and and and … To me, No One is Lost is a typical Stars record and I don’t think our sound has evolved at all. It sounds exactly like Stars.”

One important part of that sound, and something that Stars do perhaps better than anyone else, is the way in which the band draws the raw, emotive elements out of a song and neatly package it all up in to a catchy pop hook.

The band’s new record is loaded with those trademark hooks that carry words of despair, heartbreak, desire, hope, love, and more. “All of us come from different musical backgrounds with different histories and musical tastes,” says McGee.

“Where we meet is pop … we love hooks. We’re also a bunch of sentimental pussies. Throw that all in a pot, add some vodka, and voila, Stars.”

In addition to songs from the new record, Stars have also been digging back in to their catalogue at recent shows and have even performed their breakthrough 2004 record Set Yourself on Fire in its entirety. The band will be performing some of these tracks on their St. John’s dates, providing a look back in to Stars’ lengthy and notable career.


Now, more than fifteen years into that career, the group have experienced considerable success and many of the band members have young families, but according to McGee, life on the road hasn’t changed much.

“We just bring the little people with us as much as we can and try to stick to a life plan that doesn’t destroy our families. It must be noted that I’m speaking as a person without a child of my own, but having kids around, for me, hasn’t made much of a difference at all. It’s just another person on the bus cracking jokes and complaining about the quality of the yogurt.”

As for that last time Stars were in town, back in 2008, “The last time we played St. John’s was the night Obama won, the first time. It was cold and romantic,” remembers McGee.

“I bought some amazing socks at a lonely bistro type restaurant. I drank too much … Amy’s family has property dating back centuries located just up the coast that we visited that was absolutely stunning. I made some lifelong friends and never got their names, and I remember thinking my visit was too short. I’m truly looking forward to 3 days in town and am praying I can survive the hospitality.”

When it comes to the future of the band, McGee says, “these shows in St. John’s are the last shows we will play on this tour. Saving the best for last. After that we will go home, eat some salad for a change, and undoubtedly get back to work making another record. I think we’ve all got the fever to make something particularly special.”

See Stars, presented by MIGHTYPOP, three nights at The Rockhouse, October 24th, 25th, and 26th with opening act Seoul from Montreal (Saturday’s opener is local champs Family Video). For tickets and more information, check out …

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