This week, Premier Ball and his cabinet ministers were meeting at The Rooms. Upon the conclusion of these meetings, a press release was issued summarizing what the Ball Government believes to be their accomplishments to date.

Despite the backlash on their courses of action, Ball cites the following as examples of accomplishments that have been realized through their administration sticking to commitments in the Speech from the Throne, election campaign, and ministerial mandate letters:

  • Completion of an independent review of the cost, schedule, and associated risks for the Muskrat Falls Project.
  • Protection of the environment through regulation of greenhouse gas emissions by large industrial facilities.
  • Protection of youth against the harms of flavoured tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, and hookah smoking.
  • Introduction of new regulations governing the practice of midwifery.
  • Reversal of the previous administration’s plan to recoup pension overpayments from seniors.
  • Advocacy for a new, fair arrangement for Northern Shrimp quota.
  • Support for an expanded groundfish fishery.
  • Creation of the Independent Appointments Commission to actively recruit for a number of senior government positions.
  • Review of MHA pensions and compensation packages.
  • Elimination of compensation to Parliamentary Secretaries and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier.

Ball says, as a Cabinet, “We are pleased with progress made to date and look forward to providing further updates on our commitments in the fall.”