Tyler Lovell’s last band, Thee Internet, was a revolution of its genre; their unprecedented sound defied familiarity. They sounded like no one else in town before or since them. It was a highly innovative breed of lively rock that won them The Scope’s Atlantic Music Prize in 2012, over the likes of Amelia Curran, The Dardanelles, Katie Baggs, Joanna Barker, and Duane Andrews.

Since moving to Toronto, Tyler met some fellow Newfoundlanders through mutual friends, and got a new band together called New You. Stephan Callahan (of Secret Connection, Gramercy Riffs) plays bass and Evan Bowen (The Undefined) drums.

They’re in town next week for Lawnya Vawnya, who has billed them as “Torontonian Newfs doing an outdated form of music known as Rock and/or Roll.”

Here’s a sample of their sound, called “Wrd is Wrng.” It sounds a bit like that post-shoe-gaze, semi-psych rock sound out of Halifax and Sackville that Lawnya Vanwya is historically a sucker for, but reinvigorated, reinterpreted, reinvented, and packing more of a live-show punch.


“This track was recorded by David Goudie at Boombox Sound and myself in a few Toronto basements, mixed by me, and mastered by Noah Mintz (Broken Social Scene, Constantines, Operators),” Tyler says. The track also features another local. “That’s Chris McGee playing saxophone on this track. He’s a fantastic musician, grateful he was up for it. Sent him the track, he slayed a few licks, it was that easy!”

As for the new project, Tyler says “I wrote myself into a corner with Thee Internet, and wanted to explore something a bit different, so I tried a lot of things over the past few years. Checking out Toronto’s music scene reminded me of what I enjoy about noisy rock, and this was one of the first songs to come from that.”

He says, “I started trying out different approaches to guitar, writing with less instrumentation in mind, and it made the whole experience fresh again … If you’ve ever thought ‘why am I here’ on a night out, you can probably relate to these vibes.”

Catch New You May 11th (Factory, 10pm;$15), at their Lawnya Vawnya Festival show with Hooded Fang (Polaris Prize nominees from Toronto) and a surprising ensemble of local musicians, Goon (features members of Surgeon, Ouroboros, Hear/Say, and more, with Clair Hipditch at the mic), who play “progressive rock and doom gaze.”