Poll Leak 2: Your Five Favourite Restaurants and Brunch Spots in St. John’s!

Some suggestions for weekend eating. Check out the upcoming August issue to see who won in these categories.

There is no such thing as “best,” but for the sake of starting some conversation, and because of popular demand, our August issue will be our annual “Best of St. John’s” issue. We polled the public about their favourite local everything of the last year. Below are the five restaurants the people of St. John’s declared their favourite restaurants and brunch spots, just in time for weekend eating.

Pick up a copy of the forthcoming August issue of The Overcast to see who won in these food categories, and many, many others.

Your Five Favourite Restaurants in St. John’s (2014)


Chinched Bistro

The Club

Mallard Cottage


Your Five Favourite Brunch Spots in St. John’s

Bagel Cafe

Blue on Water

Gracie Joe’s

Mallard Cottage

Nautical Nellies

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