Repartee IMG_4859

Amazing band photo by Emily Evans

If you’ve been wondering what this electro-awesome, George-Street Rocking, ECMA-nominated local band has been up to since the release their self-titled debut and the Hello Hello Hello EP, the answer, based on the promise of this new song is — getting even better.

Repartee have been a local synth-driven sensation since they arrived on the scene years ago — they’re an answer to, “What if Metric decided to have a little more fun?” But with the recent release of this one song on Bandcamp, it’s clear they’ve truly grown into their own sound and we should all be excited for the release of their upcoming album.

Sadly, this gem below won’t be on the new album. It was a demo they used to get funding to record the album, but after pre-production they decided it didn’t gel with the other songs. Snatch it up right now and stick it on your next playlist. It might be the St. John’s summer jam.

Like Nika Danilova (Zola Jesus) and Katie Stelmanis (Austra), Meg Warren’s vocals beam through a bed of music meant to make it shine (fun fact: all three singers are opera-trained women fronting one of their province’s most beloved bands).  

As for the music, what a band — talented and driven, they’re sounding as good, on this track, as their most popular Canadian genre counterparts. Repartee are making all the right moves to establish themselves at home and abroad, and it’s working. Nice to see a local band soaring and solidifying their sound — their music’s getting better, their fanbase bigger, and the clear chemistry of all their time together is keeping the buzz they built years ago alive and thumping.