Who are these two? The only bio they have on their Bandcamp page is “Met in a cold town with lots of trees. Moved to an island town with lots of rain. Sang on the streets, recorded in a basement.” 

So, what, they’re here and gone? They’re certainly not playing any shows, and the album is in fact from 2011. That’s the beauty of the “St. John’s” and “St. John’S,” tags in Bandcamp: every now and then a gem creeps up to the top 20 out of the blue, sometimes not even a recent album.


This track, “Make Your Bed,” like every song on the album, makes you want to pay the money on that sign they’re holding in their band photo. The vagueness of their origins make it hard to extol them with hyperbole like “Atlantic Canada’s First Aid Kit,” or “Reminiscent of the soul-stirring songs and harmonies of The Be Good Tanyas,” but their complementary voices and their assured, gentle instrumentation earn those comparisons.

They’re too young to sound this authentic and beaten in, and they sing and play too well to be so undersung. Nab the album for “name your price (i.e you can have it for free)” and sing along. If twang is your thang, you’ll love this EP.