Every time you walk into the office at The Overcast, you’re tripping over CDs people have slid under the door, and a disproportionate number of our emails are from musicians sharing new music. There’s so much music coming out of this city, part of the weekly routine is wading through dozens of albums.

And yet, every now and then a new song or new album comes along and stands out like a tall tree in a field of grass. Like this new single, “Long Time Coming” off the forthcoming Pilot to Bombardier album, Wild Bells. This new track does what a single is meant to do: grab you on first listen, and leave an impression.

And the video will tap into the humour and nostalgia of anyone old enough to remember the unexplained mystery of NTV running strange and at-the-time self-declared “groundbreaking graphics” for hours on end after they signed off for the evening.

“NTV late night was a staple when you didn’t have cable,” says Bryan Power, songwriter for Pilot to Bombardier. “My favourite was the night they played the entire Sgt. Peppers album with the animation festival in the background and with Toni Marie Wiseman’s face superimposed over the whole thing.”

Power was lucky to get help on this track “from some really great friends who happen to be musicians.” Adam Hogan (Hey Rosetta), Katie Baggs, Ian Cornelissen (The Domestics), Robbie Brett (Repartee), Chris Donnelly (voted “Best Drummer in Town” by Overcast readers), Danielle R Hamel, and Steve Maloney.

“The album will be out in early fall. It’s called Wild Bells and I think everyone is going to like it.”