Piatto Pizzeria and Enoteca, proud proprietors of the “only VPN certified pizzerias in Atlantic Canada,” recently opened their second location in St. John’s — on Elizabeth Avenue — and in response to the volume of takeout orders their fulfilling, they decided to innovate on their pizza box to ensure guests were getting the best possible pizza for takeout.”
To do so, Piatto’s Brian Vallis joined forces with Dr. Guy Kemper, from Dalhousie University, and “conducted numerous iterations of prototypes, documenting each version until they arrived at the optimal new takeout box.” 
The goal was to create a pizza box that would keep the pizza warmer for longer, and keep it as fresh as possible — because why have a proper wood stove fired pizza not at its finest? When placed in a normal pizza box, a pizza that comes out of the wood fire oven (at 900º!) will drop below 80º in five minutes.
Their solution is a revolutionary “box within a box.” Their new creation has an extra lower and upper level that captures the heat but allows the steam to escape. The pizza stays at over 100º for 20 minutes, and because the steam escapes the pizza quality is preserved as closely as possible to the way it is served in the restaurant.