All November long we asked locals about their favourite everything in town. There were over 100 categories, and you’ll have to pick up the print issue next week to see who won what. For now, here are the top 5 songs of the year from three broad genres:

This is done alphabetically for now, find out who won Gold, Silver, and Bronze next week …

Best Quiet Song of the Last Year

“Always a War” by Katie Baggs

“Antidote” by Fog Lake


“Carry On” by Fortunate Ones

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“Tell Me Once” by Kat McLevey


“Walk Straight” by The Long Distance Runners

Best Upbeat Song of the Last Year

“6 am” by Allie Duff and the Happy Campers

“Drink and Scrape” by Maans

“Hardcore Skeet” by Sean Murray

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“Hunter” by Lady Brett Ashley

“Starts When I Look at You” by Hot x Proxy

Best Heavy/Loud Song of the Last Year

“Bones” by Sinews

“No Discretion” by The Darts

“Pathetic” by Chaotic by Design

“Straight Hair, Curly Teeth” by The Darts

“Tommy” by Pervert Week