A Great First year for “Best Alternative Entertainment” Winner, Escape Quest

“This year has exceeded expectations,” says Mark Denine of Escape Quest. “We see lots of recurring faces, and there’s always lots of new faces. The word is just constantly getting out.”

Escape Quest is an escape room entertainment centre, where groups are sent into one of several locked theme rooms, filled with obstacles, locks, and clues. Working together, they must solve each problem to find a way out before the clock runs out. Designed by a local group of artists and gamers, each room tells a story. At $22 a person, it beats IMAX for a rich, immersive experience.

The centrepiece of Escape Quest’s big year was a limited run at LSPU Hall, in partnership with the Resource Centre for the Arts, where they staged a special escape room titled “Ghosts of the LSPU Hall.” “The LSPU was fantastic… my favourite thing we’ve done,” says Denine. The LSPU Escape Quest included giant puzzles involving abandoned dressing rooms, spooky theatre lights, an oversized tabletop Ouija board, and a final puzzle/ritual that took multiple bodies to solve.

“The theatre atmosphere lent itself to what we do. It also raised money for the LSPU Hall. It was valuable to us, because we could see that we’ve built a loyal fanbase, and they showed up. We ended up doing an extended run. “We have a lot on the docket [for next year]… some exciting announcements,” says Denine.

Check Facebook or Twitter (@escapequestnl) for updates.  Escape Quest is located at 156 Duckworth Street.