Mallard Cottage is Undisputed as Best Brunch Spot in NL

Mallard Cottage has won Best Brunch Spot three years in a row; that’s every year since they opened. Recently, the TV show “24 Hours of Food” came to town to film there and see what all the brunch hype was about.

The Origins of Your Favourite Local Food Product: The SThe Purity Jam Jam

Purity Factories Limited opened their doors nearly a century ago, in 1924, when three St. John’s businessmen bought a local confectionery and started making Peppermint Nobs, Candy Kisses, and Purity Flavoured Syrups (the latter are deadly with a splash of ginger ale).

Purity gained traction and respect by using quality ingredients, and for being the sole producer of hard bread, a staple of a fisherman’s diet because hard tack bread wouldn’t go moldy on a long journey at sea, the way normal bread did. Soon, Hard Tack bread created the famous local dish Fish & Brewis.

jam2Their success with hard tack bread led to them developing now-classic bakery goods, in a British style, like Purity Cream Crackers, Ginger Snaps, and of course, the Jam Jam: a moist, jam-filled, molasses laden, and cake-like cookie made with all vegetable shortening.

They’ve been a classic dessert or tea-time snack in Newfoundland now for well over 50 years. In the 1950s, the company moved to a new plant on Blackmarsh Road, which they still call home, and where they make over 50
grocery products found throughout NL, and increasingly so: across the country.