Best Visual Artist in Town

Gold: Mike Gough
Silver: Will Gill
Bronze: Patrick Canning

Best New Artist in Town

Gold: Amery Sandford
Silver: Audrey Hurd
Bronze: Noah Bender

Best Thing to Happen in Visual Arts This Year

Gold: Gallery 24
Silver: Tara Jane Feener’s “100 Days of NL.”
Bronze: Locals @ Venice Biennale

Best Art Gallery in Town

Gold: Gallery 24
Silver: Christina Parker Gallery
Bronze: The Rooms

Best Art Exhibit of 2015

Gold: Folklore and Other Panics (The Rooms)
Silver: Christopher Pratt’s The Places I Go (The Rooms)
Bronze: Kym Greeley’s Chasing the Light (Christina Parker)

Best Photographer in Town

Gold: Dave Howells
Silver: Ned Pratt
Bronze: Joel Upshall

Best Graphic Designer in Town

Gold: Jud Haynes
Silver: Krista Power
Bronze: Mike Feehan

Best Illustrator in Town

Gold: Jud Haynes
Silver: Amery Sandford
Bronze: Patrick Canning

Best Comic Artist in Town

Gold: Paul Tucker
Silver: Jose Gonzalez
Bronze: Mike Feehan

Best Screen Printing in Town

Gold: Living Planet
Silver: Pink Eye
Bronze: St. Michael’s

Best Person/Place to Make you a Website

Gold: Jud Haynes
Silver: Perfect Day
Bronze: Matthew Hollett