People’s Choice Awards 2015: Local People

Best local politician, journalist, dreamboat, and more ...

Best Local News Anchor

Gold: Debbie Cooper
Silver: Ryan Snodden
Bronze: David Cochrane

Best Local Journalist

Gold: Tara Bradbury
Silver: Russell Wangersky
Bronze: Chad Pelley

Best Local Radio Station for Music

Gold: CBC Radio 2
Silver: K Rock
Bronze: Overcast Radio

Best Local Radio Show/Host

Gold: Ted Blades’ On the Go
Silver: Tom Power’s Morning Show
Bronze: Paddy Daly’s Open Line

Best Local Comedian

Gold: Matt Wright
Silver: Mark Critch
Bronze: Mike Fardy

Best Local Politician

Gold: Dave Lane
Silver: Gerry Rogers
Bronze: Jack Harris

Most Vital Activist (Person or Group)

Silver: Gerry Rogers
Bronze: Gemma Hickey

Person or Organization of the Year?

Gold: St. John’s Status of Women Council
Silver: St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival
Bronze: Refugee Immigrant Advisory Council

Most Stylish Person in Town

Gold: Krissy Holmes
Silver: Darren “Boobie” Browne
Bronze: Jeremy Charles

Biggest Dreamboat in Town

Gold: Steve Maloney
Silver: Ryan Snodden
Bronze: Allan Hawco

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