“This is the most difficult post I’ve ever had to write,” says owner of Happy Hummus Hut on Duckworth Street, “Unfortunately, I have developed yet another life-threatening allergy and cannot continue to operate the Hummus Hut. As much as I love my Hut and all of you, the air in my business is endangering my life, so I have to say goodbye.”

The Hut will be opened today, from 11-5 “so you can have a final delicious meal from us.” After that she says she’s looking for interested buyers.

“If you have a passion for food, and no deadly food allergies, this is a bargain for you, a fully operational, fully equipped restaurant with all my recipes too! Interested parties can call 753-9146 and we’ll talk it over. Thank you, each and every one of you, for letting me feed you these almost 4 years. I love you and I will miss you terribly.”