Overcast’s Peoples Choice Awards

“Does anyone else find it annoying how there are options for the people’s choice awards? I always appreciated how the awards weren’t guided but truly democratic in that people had to come up with their own answers. This year it feels like the winners are already decided.” – Claustrophobic Cindy

Note: The program The Overcast is using required us to input sample answers, and last year there were complaints that the paper should offer some suggestions per question. Next year we’ll try something .. in between?”

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  • same ol same ol…small alternative media outlet wanting to be different but year in year out, same mainstream pretensions…..usual popularity contest and there is little fun involved…everything has to be happy happy joy joy….

  • Only certain comments will get posted and music should not be like playing little league where everyone gets a medal for deciding to play guitar or have an emotional song about some bs. Dont even get me started on local hiphop or “electronic”. Yet theres still favourtism for a lot of mediocrity.

    Music is dumber than gramar.

    • People’s general negativity is getting to be annoying, to be honest. There is an “Other” catageogry and if something is good people will type it in there.

    • Why not start a paper or blog, speak to people who you feel aren’t being represented, be proactive. No paper is going to be able to cover every single thing that everyone wants to read about, if you feel that they’re not covering worthy people or artists, do something about it, the arts community would be all the better for it.

  • Agreed – it’s very linear and guided. I was very surprised to see that Everglow wasn’t on the list for Pop. They won an ECMA and a MusicNL in the past year… if that doesn’t get you on a “short list” I don’t know what does.

    • Hey though: did Everglow even release an album this year? I agree with you, but, not if their last release was 2015 — this is the 2016 people’s choice polls?

      • Did Fortunate Ones (when this list was released), Ouroboros or Shanneyganock? I’m not getting into a debate here because no one wins. I’m just saying.

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