This February, nearly 130 locals recorded an album in 28 days as part of the international RPM Challenge. The free album below is a sampler of 2014′s output. Volume 2 is home to RPM veterans like Sad Tax, collaborations like Gloomdance (Steve Pike & Adam Beardsworth) and ERAS (Richard Seypka and Don-E Coady), as well as a lot of band-fronting people experimenting with solo projects — Rhubarb Thieves (Reuben Canning Finkel of East of Empire) Renders (Kelly McMichael), Swimming (Luke Major of Mercy the Sexton), and Brandon Coaker of Pet Vet — alongside much, much more. Also check out Vol.1, posted yesterday, and also: enter below to win 1 of 5 CBC / RPM Messenger bags! They’ve got a nice slot for your laptop and other carriables.

Enter to win 1 of 5 CBC / RPM messenger bags (or laptop cases, whatever you prefer to call them):

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  • I think you mis-read that se23&ncee#8nt0; it actually means that these tools today are essential to individual mobility … and their proposal remove these tools to make interactive mobility instead. I don't say its perfect, but one can also not neglect that their might be cars in the future … come on…

  • What a wonderful idea, done from the heart, that could suit anyone who likes the out.2orsdI&#8o17;ve seen some of those walks, and just reading about them inspires one to actually go out there and enjoy.Thanks for sharing this passion of yours, Helen

  • I have really apriacpeted keeping up with the dialogue on this post. The thoughts I read here were part of a few things that caused me to give eating meat-free another try. .

  • (52): How can Kanye be killing Hip Hop if he is making a song that is NOT Hip Hop?If anything is killing Hip Hop, then it’s all the artists making songs at 126 bpm and faster. Because that’s where House Music starts.I think people like Common (with “UMC”) and Kanye (with &#gn02;Stro28er”) show, that Hip Hop is still alive. Hip Hop has always been exploring new styles. Otherwise it would have been dead years ago. Music must evolve and so does Hip Hop.

  • D022onde esta mi perro” almost had Carey in tears. You’re there! Hooray! Hope you two write another post soon. Lots of love, Portlanders

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