This February, nearly 130 locals recorded an album in 28 days as part of the international RPM Challenge. The free album below is a sampler of 2014′s output. Volume 2 is home to RPM veterans like Sad Tax, collaborations like Gloomdance (Steve Pike & Adam Beardsworth) and ERAS (Richard Seypka and Don-E Coady), as well as a lot of band-fronting people experimenting with solo projects — Rhubarb Thieves (Reuben Canning Finkel of East of Empire) Renders (Kelly McMichael), Swimming (Luke Major of Mercy the Sexton), and Brandon Coaker of Pet Vet — alongside much, much more. Also check out Vol.1, posted yesterday, and also: enter below to win 1 of 5 CBC / RPM Messenger bags! They’ve got a nice slot for your laptop and other carriables.

Enter to win 1 of 5 CBC / RPM messenger bags (or laptop cases, whatever you prefer to call them):

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