The Overcast’s 2014 RPM Challenge Sampler Album, VOL.1

This February, nearly 130 locals recorded an album in 28 days as part of the international RPM Challenge. The free album below is a sampler of 2014’s output. Volume 1 is home to RPM veterans like AM/FM Dreams, Scrambled Meggz, and Thom Coombes, through to first-timers, like roomates turned bandmates (The Ginger Snaps) and band members gone solo (Evan J.M. Smith, Personal Space Invaders), to The Overcast’s editor seeking street cred among RPMers. Take note of The Glowing Goldstones & The Dilettantes too: both made the “Spin This” section of our April issue. Check back tomorrow for Volume 2, and, enter below to win 1 of 5 CBC / RPM Messenger bags! They’ve got a nice slot for your laptop and other carriables.

Enter to win 1 of 5 CBC / RPM messenger bags (or laptop cases, whatever you prefer to call them):

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