While there’s nothing wrong with Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, there’s also nothing wrong with a non-mainstream radio station in town playing the very best of local and not-local music, side by side. That’s the gap Overcast Radio will fill.

Tune in here: http://overcast.streamon.fm

What is internet radio? How do I listen?

Internet radio is to radio what Netflix was to cable a few years ago – a convenient shift in how we use an archaic media. In a nutshell, internet radio is a convenient way to consume music with your computer or mobile device. With the click of a button you can access streaming music, 24-7, without having to think of what you want to listen to. You can tune in via our new website, which is launching on February 5th.

Overcast radio will be all tunes, no talking, 24-7.

There will be no one on air, chatting. There will only be music, streaming 24-7. In time, we may very well have people manning the airwaves, but for now the idea is, “Don’t know what you want to hear? Tune into Overcast Radio.” Unlike mainstream radio, it’ll be very rare to hear the same songs very often, and there will be far less computer-generated pop music by teenagers.

Why play both local and not local music?

This radio station will be a great way for local music lovers who don’t go out to post-midnight shows to keep up on local music. But 100% local would have made this feel like niche radio station instead of a source for the best of both worlds: great music from on and off the island.

Will my shop, pub, or store become a better place if we play this station all day, every day?

Yes, it is a fact that supporting local has extreme karmic return, and is quite simply hard not to admire. Many modern bars, restaurants, and shops stream their favourite internet radio stations these days. It beats flipping a CD all day long, or searching your iPod or Spotify for what to play next.

But what about when I’m not near a computer, how can I tune in!?

Your phone is a computer. So if you want to tune in in your car, just bluetooth Overcast Radio, or use an aux jack, the way you would for an iPod. If you want to hear some Father John Misty or Amelia Curran while you shower or dice veggies this month, dock your phone on an iPod dock and away you go.

How will Overcast Radio decide on songs to play?

We’re creating a massive bank of really good local and not-local music, and have radio automation software set to pluck songs from this bank of music in a very controlled, yet randomized way that will balance things like the number of upbeat to downbeat songs, or brand new to older songs, or local to not local songs in appropriate ratios. In addition to this formula-style playlisting, every month we will put 10 new local songs, and 10 new not-local songs in heavy Untitled-2rotation, so these 20 songs get a little more air time than most.


Local Songs

“6 am” by Allie Duff and the Happy Campers, “Strike the Band” by Amelia Curran, “Everything but the Needle” by Branch Ricky, “Drink & Scrape” by Maans, “Straight Hair, Curly Teeth,” by The Darts, “Kintsukuroi” by Hey Rosetta!, “The Weight” by Jerry Stamp, “See Through You” by Old Bones, “Hollow” by Pet Vet, “Nice Girls” by Repartee.

Not Local Songs

“The Party Line” by Belle & Sebastian, “Mouthpiece” by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, “Calvary Captain” by The Decemberists, “Tired” by Elliot Brood,“The Ideal Husband” by Father John Misty, “Snake Fish” by Marine Dreams “Lampshades on Fire” by Modest Mouse, “Madman” by Sean Rowe, “Happy Idiot” by TV on the Radio,“Pointless Experience” by Viet Cong.