The Overcast Fiction Podcast, Episode 1: Lisa Moore Picks Matthew Lewis

Lisa Moore reads and discusses "The Jaw Bone Box" by her former student, Matthew Lewis. She is currently compiling an anthology of work from Matthew and his writing group,to be published by Breakwater Books, titled Racket.

Episode 1: Lisa Moore Reads and Discusses
“The Jawbone Box” by Matthew Lewis

Lisa Met Matthew Lewis three years ago, when he was a student in her
Advanced Fiction creative writing class. A pack of students from that class
formed a writing group, and continue to meet. Lisa is currently compiling
an anthology of their writing, called Racket, as she believes this new group
of Newfoundland authors will soon be making a racket in the local literary scene.

Matthew’s story here shows why she was so drawn to his work.
“The Jawbone Box” is unique piece of writing about mortality and a
powerful personal reckoning, told in a unique voice, with a sophisticated,
subtle splash of metaphor and symbolism that begs a reader’s undivided attention.

The Overcast Fiction Podcast is produced by Annie McEwen; theme music by Noah Bender.
It was inspired by The New Yorker Fiction Podcast.

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