#Overcast Burger Battle: The Final Round

Time to get out of the house and pump up your iron levels.

It’s February. February is Burger Battle o’clock. Time to get out of the house and pump up your iron levels.

This is the final round, so we didn’t hold back: 21 burgers is the most we’ve ever let in. It was an Excel Sheet glitch, to be perfectly honest. But all the more of a challenge to past Burger Battle warriors like Katherine Neil and @Lansdellicious to get out and try every one of them, one last time.

Will Seto do the impossible, and win Critic’s Pick for a 3rd year in a row? Will the original Burger Battle champion, Chinched Bistro, reclaim their burger battle glory?

Who knows, but don’t forget to cast your votes for your favourite burger in the poll below, and if you want a checklist to keep track of your Great Burger Adventures this month, click here.

Note that half of these restaurants will have a $5 Quidi Vidi Beer special, to help wash down the burger (while others will have special in-house recommendations).

Bernard Stanley’s Gastropub
BSG Drunken Saucy Mess ($17)

8oz beef and pork burger patty stuffed with mozzarella cheese, with  QV cappuccino stout and dark chocolate BBQ braised pork belly, roasted garlic aioli, roasted corn and red pepper salsa, crispy jalapeños, and an over easy egg. Served on a Pretzel Bun, with a side of truffle fries.

Big Boy Baos
General Tso Chicken Bao-ger ($18)

A General Tso chicken Bao-ger, with shredded cabbage and carrot sesame slaw. Choice of a side.
*Only available on skip the dishes and  Seto’s late night menu.

Blue on Water
Thai Fighter Burger ($18)

An 8 ounce 40/40/20 blended patty of pork, beef, and shiitake mushrooms. The patty is seasoned with lemongrass, cilantro, garlic, and chilies. Served on a sesame seed bun with Mu Wan (caramelized pork belly), coconut curry mayonnaise, sweet thai ketchup, sui choy coleslaw, and a peanut crumble. Served with a choice of fries/salad/soup.

Boca Tapas Bar
Boca Belotta Burger ($14.95)

A beef and chorizo patty, topped with melted manchego cheese, roasted red pepper, Spanish pickles, and a creamy romesco sauce. It’s served on a toasted Brioche bun, garnished with sweet drop pepper, olive, and chorizo chips. Served with a side of truffle patata bravas and grated Parmesan. 

Celtic Hearth
Celtic Potluck Burger ($24.95)

Our signature 6oz Moose burger, topped with mac and cheese, beer braised ham, crispy onions, and spicy ketchup. It’s served with my Mom’s potato salad, coleslaw, and fresh fries.

Chinched Bistro
Spicy Italian Hero Burger ($13)

Spicy Italian Sausage Patties, Mortadella, Salami, Tomato Relish, Pickled Onions, 5 Bros Chili Jack, Garlic Caper Mayo.

Double Beyond Meat Veggie Burger ($24) (VEG)

The “Double Beyond” comes with jalapeno sunflower cheddar sauce, fried pickles, garlic aioli, and a side of pickled red onion rings.

Fort Amherst Pub
Striploin, Rib & Cured Foie Gras Burger ($25)

2 fresh ground AAA Striploin patties, braised short rib, aged white cheddar, balsamic roasted beet slaw, grainy Dijon + burnt rosemary marrownaise, and iceberg lettuce, with cured Foie Gras. Served with shoe string fries and house seasoning.

Guv’nors Pub
Big Red Beef Burger ($18.99)

A seasoned beef patty with Canadian back bacon and deep fried cheese curds, smothered in our house BBQ Beer Sauces (made with Split Rock Brewing Co. Red Rye Ale). Served on a Rosemary Bun, with kettle chips.

Gypsy Tea Room
The Stellan Burger ($14)

Ground chuck, duck bacon, berry ketchup, five brothers cheese curds, crispy pickle red onion, and local greens on a house-made brioche bun, served with chips & dip.

Lamb Donair Burger ($18)

A Lamb donair burger, made with Haricot Farm lamb, and a housemade donair sauce. It’s topped with marinated cucumber, feta, and tomato, and served on a brioche bun. Side of Pita chips.

Magnum & Steins
Jerk Chicken Burger ($13.95)

A deep fried jerk chicken burger, with jalepeno mac ‘n Cheese, and garlic & chive aioli.

Mallard Cottage
Blue Dot Burger ($20/$25)

P.E.I Blue Dot,  dry-age beef patty, with American cheddar, house-smoked bacon, ketchup, mustard, and pickles on a brioche bun, topped with a pickled onion ring. Served with shoestring fries. 1/4 lb during brunch service ($20) or 1/2 lb during dinner service ($25)

Merchant Tavern
Alder Berry Moose Burger ($27)

A moose burger on  an alder berry brioche bun, with house-smoked bacon, gruyere cheese, caramelized shallot aioli, and arugula.

Mill Street Brew Pub
Basque Burger ($17)

A housemade chorizo burger on a fresh bun, with manchego cheese. It’s topped with greens, avocado crema, and pickled red onion. Served with Spanish fries. (Recommended Beer Pairing: Millstreet Rye Rye Tee).

The Napoletano ($15)

They’ve dubbed it “The Best Pizza Burger You’ve Ever Had.” Grass-fed PEI beef patty, Fior di Latte mozzarella, warm ragu, their custom-made Chinched pepperoni (fried until crispy), basil aioli, fresh tomato, and arugula. Served on a baked-to-order pizza-dough bun, straight out of their wood-fired oven. Add a side Caesar for $3

PJ Billington’s
PJ’s Chili Cheese-burger ($16)

Fresh ground beef patty, housemade chili, crispy tortilla chips, 5 Brothers Logy Bay Pepper Jack cheese, iceberg lettuce on a pretzel bun served with nacho cheese sauce and choice of side

Saucy Mouth Food Truck
Beyond Bibimbop Burger ($18) (VEG)

Beyond meat veggie patty, arugula, kimchi ‘slaw (housemade kimchi with NL cabbage, cucumbers, and carrots), over easy fried egg, spicy mayo, gochujang sauce, and nori crumble on a Rocket Bakery Black Brioche sesame bun (made with activated charcoal). Served with a side of house cut double fried fries.

Chinese BBQ Duck Burger ($26)

Chinese BBQ duck burger, with spicy peanut butter, pickled cabbage & onion, and crispy bits, on a sesame milk bun. Served with duck fat taters.

The Ship Pub
Hail Caesar ($13.99)

A smoked mushroom and beef patty, with tomato jam, house pickles, celery salted kettle chips, lettuce, roasted tomato & black pepper aioli, and a deep fried bean. Served on a handmade bun.

Chicken Skin & Grilled Pork Burger ($12.95)

Crispy chicken skin and grilled pork burger, served on a homemade crusty pretzel bun, with pineapple-onion dip, beetroot, cucumber slaw, and fried herbed cream cheese. Side of root vegetable fries.

Overcast Burger Battle People’s Choice Poll

Leave some reviews in the comment thread below,
and cast a ballot for your ONE favourite burger, of all the ones you tried.

(Cheaters Be Dammed: We'll only allow 2 votes per household IP address or mobile device. That accommodates for a little indecision or multiple people in a single home voting, while preventing 1 person from cheatign the system.)
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  • The burger from Celtic Hearth was absolutely stellar!! The moose patty was perfectly cooked and seasoned, the mac and cheese was a lot of fun to ses on a burger, but that ham really pushed it over the top for us!! 🙂 Enjoyed the burger from Mallard Cottage as well, but Yellowbelly left a little to be desired

  • Seto headed my sample of the pack, for the best taste all-round. Very honourable mentions to Piatto for their excellent pizzaburger and to Exile, On The Lamb. Enjoyed the BSG mess too, though staying awake afterwards was a challenge, a bit embarrassing when it’s lunchtime. Hope the Battle finds a way of continuing next February.

  • This year the competition is really, really tight. I had to try some multiple times to make up my mind. Seto, Boca, Fort Amherst, Bernard Stanley and Big Boy Baos are likely my front runners.

  • The Guv’nors Pub burger is absolutely unreal- so good that we had to come twice! Hoping it’ll be something they think about keeping on their menu!

  • Governor’s Pub Big Red not bad for the Governor’s Pub where I usually get the wings. Magnum and Steins Jerk Chicken was fun with the mac n cheese and duck nachos for a side. The Ship’s Hail Caesar was yummy and dessert of folk night was great. The Jag’s Lamb Donair was barely food and each of us (4) at the table had different stuff missing from it and I have never been treated so badly while paying for food. Excited for Yellowbelly’s tonight!

  • Have tried both Piatto and the Merchant Tavern so far – they are both AMAZING and it was hard to choose just one favourite but ultimately that pizza dough bun at Piatto won my vote.

  • Honest da jayzuz, we tried a few burgers and our favourite is Pj Billingtons! Please do the world a favour and try it. We really thought it would be the worst. Totally an underdog!

  • Blue on Water’s Thai Fighter is a phenomenal burger that you don’t want to miss! Chef Grevatt and his team did an excellent job! Highly recommend it!

  • The burger at the ship is AWFUL!
    It’s too bad because the food is okay there but they didn’t even try with that burger… it’s made with dirt and sour old socks…

  • The yellowbelly burger was a bit of a disappointment, I expected more. The gypsy burger was great albeit a little dry. Fav so far is the pizza burger from Piatto!

  • Don’t miss out on the Gypsy Tea room. The chuck with duck bacon and 5 guys cheese is unbelievable. Not to mention the fries and absolutely flawless house made berry ketchup. Not to be missed!

  • Bernard Stanley’s drunken saucy mess is delicious! Highly recommend. The Thai Fighter from Blue is so surprising, fresh tasting and absolutely wonderful. The Stellan from Gypsy was the one I was most excited for, but found the patty so dry and disappointing. Their fries however, were fabulous, best fries I’ve ever had.

  • Love the piatto burger
    So tasty and the bun made from pizza dough and baked fresh in the wood oven is absolutely amazing
    You gotta try this

  • Blue on Water’s burger is sooooo damn good 😍 The flavours complement each other so well, and the coconut curry is to die for! Also, deep-fried pork belly on a burger? Genius! 12/10 would recommend!

  • Blue on Water Thai Fighter Battle Burger has awesome flavours!
    The bottom bun was a little soggy due to coconut curry sauce but otherwise a top notch burger! Recommended!

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